Entry #2

Working hard in LA

2011-10-21 13:54:40 by Grawsie

So I haven't posted on here in about half a life time so I guess I might as well start now. I currently work in LA making flash games for some pretty cool people such as my friend Ray and some of the good people at TGS.

Most of my latest work has been confined to other pages, but I think I will soon unleash it upon an unsuspecting Newgrounds community. You have been warned.


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2011-10-21 14:00:43

Hello & Welcome to NewGrounds! Don't forget to put all your favorite Flash/Games/Art & Audio on your page, also Voting on your 5 submissions of the day Everyday. Have a great day :D

Grawsie responds:

Hi, and thanks!
But I'm not actually new here, I've used this site for a number of years now, but thanks for the welcome regardless! :)


2011-10-26 17:04:53

Whats up old friend Grawsie? Its been months since I've seen you last post something on deviantart or newgrounds. Question, what is LA stand for exactly?

Grawsie responds:

LA = Los Angeles

It's a city here in the USA. Most the movies you have seen in your life where probably made here. ;)


2015-11-09 15:04:07

Great to see you found work!